‘Attack on Titan’ Season 3: The truth about the Titans; series to end soon


The manga turned anime series took the world by storm because of its original story. But the question is: Will it really end soon?


The editor of the famous manga, Shintaro Kawakubo, hinted that the end of “#Attack On Titan” is coming and there are only two years left for the author Hajime Isayama to wrap things up. We all know that the “Attack on Titan” Season 2 is following the manga version thoroughly and we’re coming to the big question in our mind: Where do #Titans come from?

After the recent confirmation that “Attack on Titan” is coming in 2018, fans of “Shingeki No Kyojin” are anticipating that the next season will not be delayed anymore. The next episodes of the third installment reveal the Reiss family and how Krista is connected to the Royal blood.

After Ymir changes into her Titan form to be her team’s last salvation, flashbacks about her and Krista’s past will be revealed. The truth about the connection of the Yeager family will also be discovered.

The Reiss family survivor

Krista, as we all know, is the last surviving child of the Reiss family. The Reiss family is connected to the reason why Titans exist. She is the younger half-sister of Frieda Reiss, whom Grisha Yeager killed. Grisha Yeager killed Frieda in order to acquire her Titan powers, the Founding Titan. Grisha then transformed Eren into a Titan, let Eren eat him, thus making Eren the new holder of the powerful Founding Titan.

New characters were also set to be introduced in the next episodes of “Attack on Titan” #season 3: The cruel Rod Reiss as well as the powerful Kenny Ackerman.

More important characters set to be introduced in Season 3

Rod Reiss is the father and current patriarch of the Reiss family. As Eren and Krista were abducted and taken to the castle, Rod will try to brainwash Krista for her to turn into a Titan, eat Eren, and acquire the Founding Titan. Meanwhile, Kenny Ackerman is the uncle of Levi Ackerman and a close relative of Mikasa Ackerman. He is well-known as “Kenny the Ripper” who killed Historia’s mother and relatives.

“Attack on Titan” Season 3 is also set to reveal more about the powerful Beast Titan. If you haven’t read the manga yet, you might do not know that the Beast Titan is no other than Eren’s older half-brother, Zeke Yeger. One of the most notable powers of this Titan is his ability to shift from human to Titan and vice versa without the use of the Titan serums. How did the Beast Titan able to do it?

Will Rod Reiss succeed in turning Krista into a Titan and acquire the Founding Titan? What will be the role of Kenny Ackerman in “Attack on Titan” Season 3? A lot of questions are yet to be answered as soon as the third season comes to the small screen. #Attack on TItan Season 3


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